Illustrator - Concept Artist - Visual Artist

Wotcher! This is Angie!
Your average italian illustrator and concept artist.
My passion for storytelling and for the characters that live those stories was born with me in the ’90 as I grew up watching anime, Disney’s renaissance masterpieces and Dreamworks animation stunning works and continued later reading comics, Tolkien, Harry Potter and falling in love with cinema and comicbook movies.After studying at IDEA Academy in Rome, I’ve worked as freelance illustrator and also colorist for several clients and project, including Disney/Lucasfilm, Activision and Motion Logic Studio.Feel free to contact me for business inquiry or private commission and if you need, you can take a look at my portfolio on Artstation or download it below:



• Sketch: 70 €
• Digital painting: 150 €
Every character deservers a proper realistic portrait: with a mixture of old masters oil painting and my own style, you'll have one.


• Sketch: 100 €
• Digital painting: 250 €
DnD characters, original characters, redesign and much more: you have the idea, I have the skill to make it happen and make it real.


• Base fee starting at 500 € (price will change depending by the complexity of the artwork)You have the characters, you have the story... now let's make them live their own adventure: tell me your story and let's make it real!


• Sketch: 40 €
• Digital painting: 80 €
By request I can also do more cartoon/chibi illustration (no background), for example: avatar for streamer/youtuber, birthday gift or wedding partecipation

For more samples of my style and artworks, you can take a look at my Artstation portfolio.ATTENTION: Prices can change depending also by the numbers of characters in the illustration, if there are creatures or monsters and how complex they are, all will be discussed before the beginning of the work.For more infos, please be free to ask me everything at [email protected], including all the specs, such as references, ideas, infos about the character and a brief description of what do you require, as well as a deadline (if you have one - for example if the artwork will be a gift).
Keep in mind that it might take me a few business days to answer you and that commissioning me you will agree with my Terms of Service.


* I will require the full payment after the approval of the initial sketch, after that I will proceed with the rendering of your artwork depending of what you commissioned me.
* If you are commissioning me a consistent amounts of artworks or the price is very high (250 € or more) we can decide together to split the payment: 50% after the initial sketch and the other 50% after the final rendering.
* Payment accepted methods; system: PAYPAL or Ko-fi for small commissions and tips


If you have decided to commission me an artwork, please send me an email with the following form:* As subject of the email write “Commission_Your Name Here“
* Provide references images (the more the better)
* Add more details you can: the more you write to me the less I will have to ask you later
* Please specify if the commission has to be printed and - in case - in which format so I can work in the proper resolution and size
* If you are following me on social media please provide me your username so I can tag you via @ once I finish and publish your artwork.


Please be sure to read all before commissioning me. By commissioning me you’ll agree on the following terms of service:* CREATION STEPS: please be aware that generally my whole creation process consists in: a concept phase (brainstorming with the client, gathering visual references, first sketch), after the approval of which I will request the the payment as decided previously. After that I will begin the actual rendering and final working step, keeping the client as informed and updated with WIPs as possible.
* EDITS: Please keep in mind that changes, edits and big corrections about the general aspect of the artwork (anatomy, expressions, color palettes and backgrounds) will be possible just in the sketch phase, before proceeding with the rendering. After that just minor edits will be allowed according to the artist’s experience and professional opinion.
* REFUND: If - whatever being the reason - the client decides to suspend the commission with the artist, a partial refund (50% of the total)it will only be possible just during the sketch phase: after the initial sketch has been approved and the artist has been working on the final product or the final product is ready, no refund will be allowed.
* NEGATIVE ANSWER: Please remember that the artist maintains the right to turn down any commission or may not accept request that goes against the artists’ personal view or personal style. In addition to that, eep I my mind that I will draw and paint according to my personal style, so d not commission or request me stuff that doesn’t apply to my artstyle (more samples on my social accounts and on my Artstation portfolio).
* WHAT I CAN DRAW FOR YOU: always keeping my artstyle in mind, I will draw both original characters and fanart, my preferences are for fantasy/scifi/anime/post apocalyptic stuff and interesting characters, anthro mostly. I won’t draw for now NSFW/fetish/gore stuff, as well as hard gore or mecha stuff, not really my cup of tea.
* USE: all the art produced through private commission for a private client is meant FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Any commercial use - like sell or redistribute, printing on t-shirts or other stuff for sales at cons or webshops and such - is therefore prohibited. It is allowed of course to print a commissioned artwork for personal use ora as gift for friends.
* RIGHTS: unless specified otherwise - for example through signed contract or NDA for secrets projects - the artist retains all the rights to the artwork, including but not limited to: social media sharing, twitch live showing the process, use in public portfolio.
* REPOST: of course any repost of the artwork is allowed, considering the following must-do: if you repost the artwork on your social media - tag me and credit me, reposting a watermarked version. If you’ll use the artwork for avatars/graphics/profile pic you may, of course, edit, crop, and resize the artwork according to your needs BUT credits and tags are still necessary.
ATTENTION: the CLIENT must read, agree and understand all the above terms before commissioning the artist. Once the agreement is completed and the payment is done, the CLIENT automatically agrees to the above terms.

Thanks for reaching up to me, for business inquiry and commission feel free to contact me at [email protected].Also feel free to contact and support me through all my social accounts below, and if you want leave a tip at my ko-fi page.